The Environmental Truth about Textiles

The Environmental Truth about Textiles

Ugh... According to the EPA, Americans generate 16 tons, yes, TONS, of textile waste per year. Only around 14% of that gets recycled and most ends up in landfills. 👎

This problem IS fixable but it will take everyone to think about the choices they make and even small changes can make a difference. ♻

Here are some ways EVERYONE can help reduce this amount of waste:

  1. Try to avoid stocking your closet with the latest "trendy" pieces because once the styles change, you will want to discard them. Stay trendy with a few statement pieces and mix them with staples that you can keep and wear longer.
  1. Follow washing instructions on your clothing to get the most life out of them. Avoid drying your clothes as much as possible. High heat can break down almost any fabric over time.
  1. When looking to buy clothing, shop secondhand FIRST. There are soooo many places like The Untamed Thread 😉 where you can shop for preloved pieces in excellent condition. You can find anything from t-shirt and jeans to designer pieces.
  1. ALWAYS consider secondhand when shopping for a special occasion. If you are only going to wear a dress or suit once, then secondhand is the best option to save money and save a very nice piece of clothing.
  1. Educate yourself on companies that mass produce cheap, sometimes toxic clothing (think Fast Fashion) that will not last but a wear or two. In addition, these companies typically pay pennies to their employees and have them work in terrible conditions so they can sell their clothing as cheaply as possible.

There are sooo many other solutions to this issue but those solutions all start with YOU, with US! The Untamed Thread understands that everyone wants to shop or needs to shop for new clothing but if you just purchase ONE piece of secondhand clothing each month, it would do TONS to solve the problem. You see what we did there? 🤣

The Untamed Thread adds new pieces weekly to our store so check us out today and check back often. Every Thursday, use the code: THRIFTY30 to get 30% Off your entire purchase. Free shipping for orders $45+. Even more reasons to shop secondhand, you can save a TON of money! Yeah, we punned again! 😆

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