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Who is Our Customer?

Who is The Untamed Thread’s customer? We will give you a hint… look in the mirror. 😂 Yes, as long as you are an adult (or close to it), YOU are our customer. 

Many people ask us these questions - Who do you cater to? What brands do you carry? Do you specialize in luxury pieces? Trust us, we thought about building a “niche”, only offering certain kinds of clothing or just shoes and handbags or clothing only for 25-35 year olds because it would be a lot simpler to run our business. However, when we did our research on the tons and tons (no exaggeration there) of clothing that ends up in landfills, we realized that landfills don’t have a demographic. It ALL goes - fast fashion, shoes, handbags, even luxury couture pieces. We want to save it all and give it a second, third or fourth chance! ♻

Catering to any gender of different ages, sizes, stages of life, fashion tastes and preferences is definitely a challenging business model but The Untamed Thread does not run from a challenge. We do our best to source as much as we can to give you all a variety of pieces that are not only of quality, but also affordable. This is why you will look through our store and see pieces for $10 and pieces for $400.  A little bit of something for everyone.

But what about the children you ask? The children need clothing too! Yes, they certainly do but we are not quite there yet. This is a growth area for us in the future but for right now, our focus is to build our offerings for adults by focusing on quality and variety and you know, there is only so much time in a day. Be patient, the children are on our radar. 🙏

So if you are a college student, a young professional just starting out, an athlete, a business executive or a stay-at-home mom, we got you covered! Once again, we add new pieces daily so visit often and our prices are generally 60%-90% below retail. Cha-ching… 💲💲

Thank you for visiting our store, shopping secondhand and giving fashion a second chance. Together, we can build a more sustainable environment. 🌎

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