TRY THIS Before You Throw Away Or Pass Up Purchasing Stained Clothing -

TRY THIS Before You Throw Away Or Pass Up Purchasing Stained Clothing

Nothing is worse than getting a stain on your favorite top or pants. It seems like every time we decide to wear white, ugh… 😒 And for those of us that shop secondhand, stained clothing is something we get used to seeing and if we are not sure how to remove it, we leave the piece on the shelf. We are not talking about huge paint or blood stains, it’s the pesky little ones that if they were not there, it would be a perfect piece!

So whether you have stained a piece of clothing you own or you are shopping secondhand and put a piece back because of a small stain, here are some tips and tricks to try to get those stains out. When shopping secondhand, you can usually take a “risk” on a stained piece you really love because it’s so much cheaper to purchase. So take that risk, buy it and try some of these stain removal options to make that piece look brand new again! 💎

First, if you are wearing something and get a stain in it, DO NOT try to rub it clean with a cloth or your finger or whatever else! If you are home, take it off and dab some cold water on the stain with some baking soda or sparkling water and then throw it in the wash or hand wash. If you have a stain stick, immediately apply and let the garment sit a while before putting it in the washer. This will usually do the trick. If you are not at home, dab the stain with cold water and then try the above as soon as you get home.

Most of what we will talk about here are those “set” stains. Yes, the ones you find when you are shopping secondhand. There are several little reselling “industry secrets” that we are about to share but don’t keep them a secret! We want others to know so they also feel comfortable bringing home a garment with a stain solution. Keep that lifecycle going ♻️

The down and dirty…

  • The first thing you always want to try is a stain remover like a Tide Stick or Oxyclean, letting it sit for a couple of days and washing it. If that does not work, then try the following options:
    • Grease stains - remove with white soda or baking soda and water
    • Red Wine - remove with white wine (hair of the dog?)
    • Ink - remove with milk
    • Oil - remove with chalk
    • Blood - remove with hydrogen peroxide
    • Sweat (pit stains) - remove with lemon
    • Lipstick - remove with oil-based wipes
    • Coffee - remove with baking soda

Amodex is also a great one-stop-shop product that gets out many of the stains listed above.

So what about shoes? 👟 What we have found is that Magic Eraser is the best on whitening up rubber soles on sneakers and cleaning footbeds. Also some warm soap and water works well and don’t forget disinfecting wipes too. For suede, invest in a suede brush because that will do wonders to brush out dirt or scuff marks!

And finally the “Piece de Resistance” of freshening up shoes, bags and anything made of leather - Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam! 🙏We cannot sing our praises high enough for this product - it gets out scuffs and marks to make your shoes, bags and jackets look brand new. 

We hope you found this blog very helpful to think again about one, not discarding your own stained clothes in the trash and two, considering picking up a not-so-perfect piece when shopping secondhand as you have now have some tools in your toolbox for removing pesky stains.

If you have other suggestions, drop us a comment on our social media pages. We love to hear from you! ❤️

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