Donate Your Unused Fashion

In addition to private consignment and direct payout for clothing, shoes and accessories, The Untamed Thread also accepts donations that help keep our small business going! Although we are not a 501c3 charitable organization, ALL items that we do not sell or do not get returned via a consignment agreement are donated to charitable organizations. 

At this time, The Untamed Thread has the following criteria for accepting items as a donation:

  1. The items must be sellable to women, men or be unisex and consist of clothing, shoes, handbags or higher end jewelry.
  2. Items may be part of The Untamed Thread’s Private Consignment OR Direct Payout brand lists (link) or be comparable brand. The Untamed Thread does not typically accept Big Box Store brands for resale.
  3. Items must be clean and free from defects.
  4. Please no more than 30 items per lot.

How do I get my items to The Untamed Thread?

Reach out to us via our Contact Us page to let us know that you have some items that you would like to send in and we will provide more detailed instructions about the process.

Shipping: The Untamed Thread pays for shipping BUT since we are a small business, we cannot provide prepaid shipping labels to everyone “hoping” they use them. We appreciate that if you plan to send in your items, we ask that you pay upfront for postage and email us the receipt with tracking information. Once your items are received, we will reimburse you for the shipping costs via Venmo, Paypal within 48 hours. 

The Untamed Thread is committed to sustainability so we would love for you to reuse a box you already have to ship your items to us. If you do not have a box, USPS provides FREE flat rate shipping boxes that you can obtain at the post office or have them mailed to your home.

Drop-Off: If you live near The Untamed Thread (Milwaukee, WI) and would like to drop off your items, we will arrange a drop-off time that is convenient for both of us. 

Thank you for considering The Untamed Thread to care for and recycle your preloved items!