Second Hand Shopping for The Holidays

Second Hand Shopping for The Holidays

Since the global pandemic began in 2020, we have all grappled with a fast-changing and unpredictable economy. Some have benefitted from these changes but the majority of people find themselves having to make tough decisions about how they prioritize and spend their money. Gas prices, food and the bare necessities have increased in price and wages have not kept pace.

So where is the bright spot? The bright spot is that you have options to purchase second hand and/or liquidated household goods and fashion from a variety of sources for a LOT less than what is selling in the retail market. Since we are a business that knows the most about second hand fashion, that will be the focus of our message there.

According to ThredUp’s 2022 Resale Report*, second hand fashion is getting a lot of traction for people working to stretch their dollar. Refer to the graphic below and note that 80% of people are purchasing the same amount or more second hand fashion and that buying second hand allows them to afford the brands they love. Once more for the people in the back - “Afford the brands they love!”

*ThredUp 2022 Resale Report.

To us, this statement is key because quality made clothing should be affordable. Period. Not everyone can afford luxury pieces or even well-made premium pieces at retail prices so many are forced to purchase cheaply made clothing that will not last more than a few wears and washes. In addition, this cheap clothing is usually produced in conditions that not only hurt the environment but provide deplorable working conditions and poverty level wages.

If you have not shopped second hand, you would be shocked at what you can find in terms of quality and brands that are affordable and some pieces are still brand new with tags! Many companies, small businesses like us and individuals, purchase liquidated department store fashion to resell so that these pieces stay out of landfills. Purchasing second hand will not only be great for your budget but it will reduce the demand for new clothing, which puts an enormous strain on the environment. And, second hand is getting very trendy too! It’s where many Millennials look first to purchase their fashion.

With the holidays upon us, challenge yourself to avoid the malls and the online big box stores to see what is out there on the second hand market. Oh, we hear you saying, “I cannot give a ‘used’ gift to someone”. Um, yes, you can. But again, if you are not comfortable doing so, there are still many brand new pieces out there that are very giftable and you are able to afford more to give! Check our website using “NWT” in the search function and see how many pieces come up.  And remember, many second hand pieces are one-of-a-kind so here is your opportunity to give something unique.

Join the circular fashion movement this Holiday Season and know that not only are you helping your bank account, you are also helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions and saving water. The Untamed Thread adds about 75 new pieces to our website each week so check out what we have to offer for yourself or as a gift. If you cannot find what you need with us, there are plenty of other places to shop second hand such as ThredUp, local consignment stores, resale shops, thrift stores and platforms like Poshmark and Mercari. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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